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76. Herbstfest Erding 2016

Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

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The Herbstfest of Erding as the third largest Volksfest in Upper Bavaria sticks out with its unique mixture of Old and New traditions.

This year the fest starts on August 26th and goes on for ten days. Lots of time for toasted almonds, fresh roast chicken, a good Maß beer, good bands and long evenings.

The Erdinger Weißbräuzelt tent guarantees a non-stop party atmosphere, while the Fischer’s Stiftungszelt tent invites you to enjoy a Maß beer in a cosy more traditional atmosphere.

For the more adventurous, there are plenty of fair rides, games and food stands to keep you entertained. It is this great fun atmosphere which continues to draw thousands of visitors every year to the Erding Herbstfest.



This year the price of a Maß on the Herbstfest is 7,60 Eur or 7,30 Eur in the Fischer’s Stiftungszelt.

The Erdinger Festbier

In the Weißbräu-Zelt tent you won’t get the common Weißbier from Erdinger but the Festweiße. This special brew made especially for the Herbstfest contains a higher alcohol content as a result of the fermentation process. Here you arrive at an alcohol content of around 6%.

Take care: in the Erdinger Weißbräuzelt tent you will get the beer in stone pitcher therefore it is not draft beer but bottled. The content should equal two bottles of beer (usually) – check it twice!

The Fischer’s Festbier

As with the Erdinger Weißbräu beer, the Fischer’s brewery also offers a special Herbstfest beer. In the Stiftungszelt tent you’ll be charged 7,30 euro for it.

For the Urweiße which is also available here they will charge you 7,30 euro.


Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

Non-alcoholic drinks

Of course you can get non-alcoholic beverages in both tents. Lemonade, Spezi, water and co. cost between 2,80 and 3,25 euro, one Maß non-alcoholic beer costs 6,20 Euro.

Music programme 2016

Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

Day Erdinger Fischer’s
Friday, 26th Aug Gaudi Harmonie from 04:30 PM 14 Hoibe from 06:00 PM
Saturday, 27th Aug d’Reichenkirchner from 06:00 PM Voglwuid from 07:00 PM
Sunday, 28st Aug d’Moosner from 06:00 PM Die Wilderer from 07:00 PM
Monday, 29st Aug d’Moosner from 06:30 PM Tetrapack from 07:00 PM
Tuesday, 30st Aug d’Reichenkirchner from 07:00 PM Otto Schwarzfischer from 06:00 PM
Wednesday, 31st Aug Tetrapack from 07:00 PM Münchner G’schichten from 07:00 PM
Thursday, 1th Sep d’Moosner from 06:30 PM Dolce Vita from 07:00 PM
Friday, 2th Sep Heldensteiner HeuBodnBlosn from 06:00 PM D’Reichenkirchner from 07:00 PM
Saturday, 3th Sep Gaudi Harmonie from 06:00 PM The Mercuries from 07:00 PM
Sunday, 4th Sep d’Moosner from 05:30 PM Stadtkapelle Erding from 06:00 PM

Dates are already not fixed.

Festival programme

Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

Friday, 29th Aug
Concert of the Town Band of Erding 03:00 PM Schrannenplatz
Grand entry of the festival landlords and breweries 04:00 PM Schrannenplatz
„It’s tapped!“ or in Bavarian „O’zapft is!“ 04:30 PM Fischer´s
Saturday 30th Aug
Lunch specials from 11:00 AM Fischer’s
Sunday, 31st Aug
Erding’s tournament in „Schafkopfen“ – traditional Bavarian card game from 09:30 AM Fischer’s
Lunch specials 11:00 AM Fischer’s
Monday, 1st Sep
Gray Power Day – Senior Day 11:00 AM – 04:00 PM Fischer’s
Concert of the Town Band of Erding 12:00 AM Fischer’s
Tuesday, 2nd Sep
Meeting of the politicians in the municipality from 05:00 PM Fischer’s
Brilliant-fireworks 09:30 PM next to the festival square
Wednesday, 3rd Sep
Union of the Dairy Cooperative 09:00 AM Fischer’s
Thursday, 4th Sep
Childrens‘ afternoon from 01:30 PM
Punch and Judy Theatre 03:00 PM Fischer’s
Friday, 5th Sep
Day of the Companies and Authorities from 06:00 PM
Saturday, 6th Sep
Lunch specials from 11:00 AM Fischer’s
Sunday, 7th Sep
Lunch sepcials 11:00 AM Fischer’s
Convert of Town Band of Erding 12:00 AM Fischer’s
Music-fireworks 09:30 PM next to the festival square

Dates are already not fixed.

Good to know for a talk in the beertent

Herbstfest or Volksfest?

The Erdinger Herbstfest is a 10 day long event which has taken place every year since 1959. The fest is called either „Herbstfest Erding“ or „Erdinger Herbstfest“. In comparison the title „Volksfest“ is not commonly used in Erding. Thus the Herbstfest stands out from other festivals in the area such as „Volksfest Dorfen“ or „Volksfest Vilsbiburg“. The phrase „Let’s go to the Herbstfest“ or in Bavarian „Geh ma aufs Herbstfest“ when used in the East of Munich always refers to the Erding Herbstfest.

Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

Construction of the Herbstfest

As soon as the stages and stalls of „Sinnflut“ are removed at the end of july, the construction teams of both festival tents move in and start errecting the tents. There are always at least two tents. The Erdinger-Weißbier tent, often refereed to as the „Erdinger“ and the Stiftungszelt tent, run by the Fischer’s brewery.

Besides the two beer tents there are many fairground type amusement rides, such as roller-coasters, Ferris wheels and bumper-cars. There are also many game booths to keep you entertained. And if you don’t feel like eating in the tents, there are also many food stands available to help stave off your hunger.

The beertents

Both the Weißbierzelt tent and the Stiftungszelt tent are run by Erdinger Weißbräu brewery (Fischer’s belongs to Erdinger). The tents can be described in the following way:

Fischer’s Stiftungszelt

Those of you looking for entertainment in a relaxing atmosphere should have a look at the Fischer’s tent. This tent has less action and you can find a place to sit much easier and the the music is not so loud. These are the best conditions for an Erdinger (an inhabitant of Erding) to relax, or in Bavarian „granteln“. You can have only a Weißbier and the waitress won’t frown at you. PS: It is possible to make table reservations starting the beginning of August

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Erdinger Weißbierzelt

Those of you who are more active and want to experience a more party like evening, and wish to stand and not to sit on the beer bench should visit the Erdinger tent, which is managed by innkeeper Uwe Pianka.

When the star bands such as d’Moosner or the Scharivari Sextett perform nobody stands still on the bench even at 6 pm. The music is louder and the visitors can’t wait to party.

Attention: You can make a reservation only for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and both Sundays.

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Our recommendation:

Use both! Those of you who had a long evening in the Erdinger tent can cure the hangover drinking a hops tea in the Fischer’s tent the next day. The Erding Herbstfest offers much variety, you only have to decide. If the weather is nice you can enjoy yourself in the calm beergarden in the afternoon and have a big party in the evening. The Urweisse-Hüttn, a beer bar right next to the tent is worth visiting.

If the Erdinger tent is closed due to overcrowding the Fischer’s tent can save those of you who want to party: On Tuesday Dolce Vita performs and on the next day, d´Reichenkirchner (two Bavarian music bands)- highlife guarantee in the Stiftungszelt tent.

If you couldn’t get a reservation, you can also try your luck after 06:30 pm during the week or at 6pm on Friday and Saturday and at 5pm on Sunday when most reservations expire and more tables become available.

Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger


Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

The fireworks

There are 2 fireworks displays during the fest. Both displays take place at 9:30pm. on Tuesday (2nd September) the hosts of the festival sponcer a brilliant fireworks display. On Sunday (7th September) the town of Erding offers a fireworks display with an additional highlite, the musical fireworks, where the display is synced to backround music.

The visitors

During the ten days of the Erdinger Herbstfest, there is always something going on. According to the mayor of Erding (Max Gotz), about 200,000 visitors stroll over the festival square during the Herbstfest. In such crazyness anything can happen. Therefore the police have setup an office on the fair grounds to help deter and reduce any crime. Hard liquors are forbidden on the fairgrounds to help reduce the crime level.

Vouchers for drinks and grilled chicken

You might get them from your company or as a present but you can also buy them from the festival landlords when you make a reservation. The vouchers for drinks and grilled chicken are as valuable as cash at the Erding Herbstfest. Attention: The vouchers do not include tips, so you need to pay 50 cent for a Maß beer and 85 cent for a grilled chicken in addition to the voucher price. However most people simply pay 1 Eur for each Item, as its Fest tradition to reward the waitstaff for their hard work.

How to get there and how to get home

The Herbstfest bus

Think about the environment – take the bus! What sounds good to mother nature usually is less healthy for the liver: instead of coming by car or motorbike (less recommended) the Town of Erding and the surrounding communes of the administrative district offer the Herbstfest bus service every year (highly recommended).

The one and only problem is: Unfortunately some bus services are scheduled in such an inconvinient way that you will have to leave the Herbstfest right before the end at 11:30 PM and will miss the possibility to say Goodbye while listening to the heartbreaking song „Angels“ by Robbie Williams.

Timetable busses on (PDF)

How to get home

The most important information for those of you coming by train (S-Bahn) is: The last S-Bahn to Munich leaves during the week at 00:38 AM and during the weekend at 01:38 AM. The first train leaves at 04:58 AM from Monday to Saturday and at 05:18 AM on Sunday and public holidays.

Those of you who want to continue partying in Erding even after the Herbstfest can take neither the bus nor the train to get home (except you make it until the first train). In that case you will have to call a friend or the good old cab.

Real time Timetable
S-Bahn: Erding Bahnhof

Some tips for a nice Herbstfest evening

Day of the Companies and Authorities – lack of places

Non-experts of the Herbstfest might forget about that date but they will find out, at the latest when they try to find a free place in one of the beertents that Friday, 05th Sep, is the Day of the Companies and Authorities.

This means that you either have to come really early or to rely completely on connections to people you know and who are invited to the Herbstfest by their companies. Otherwise it is almost impossible to get a place at a table. You might have the possibility to get something in the beergarden because usually there are no reservations possible there.

Overcrowded buses after the fireworks

The brilliant fireworks on Tuesday, 02nd Sep, and the music fireworks of the Town of Erding on Sunday, 07th Sep belong to the big highlights of the Herbstfest. Therefore many people come over to the festival square. Many people come to Erding this day even only for the fireworks. As a consequence the buses leaving right after the fireworks are completely overcrowded. If you don’t want to miss the spectacular you should take a bit more time and just wait for the next bus.

Impressions and review of the Erding Herbstfest

Obituary Ferdinand Klein

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„Goodbye but no oblivion“

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Credits: ednetz / Sebastian Eggersberger

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